Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Zanin Hotel

No blogpost yesterday; my usual time slot for writing up the day was instead filled with getting organized and settled for our first night in the RV, having bid hotels goodbye for the time being. We are in Mims, FL at a KOA campground neighbouring the Kennedy Space Center.

There is still a ton of stuff to do in our tiny home! At the moment, every move is new, every spot taken by something that hasn't yet found a permanent, logical home, and all sorts of RV features we have to figure out for the first time. But we are so happy to be traveling this way, with our own food, our own bed, and a wide road ahead.

We'll be here for a second night before completing our journey to Dunedin, our ultimate destination. Today will be a busy one, to be sure, as we have laundry to do and other settling-in things, plus a lovely campground to explore and neighbours to meet. And, it's St. Patrick's Day! Lucky thing I brought my green accessories to mark the occasion.

Stay tuned for more exciting chapters yet to come.

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