Thursday, March 21, 2019

Friends and neighbours

Dunedin, FL -- Our temporary rental spot is in a very public location, right along the main drag of the RV park, so if we are outside doing anything, there is no place to hide from the passing throngs! As a result, the smallest chore can take up to an hour, as folks drop by to say hi and catch up.

Such was the case today, as Val tried to stop an annoying drip from our hose connection at the back of the RV. He hates leaks. No matter what he tried, there was always a wet spot under the rig. That's when Chuck, our neighbour, strolled over and offered to take us to his favourite RV supplier in his truck. He also said we could drop by at Walmart to pick up a filter for our water supply -- that got me excited, as there were a few other items we'd noted that we could pick up there at the same time. So, off we went, with me in the back seat, and Val and Chuck up front exchanging war stories from their working days with great gusto.

After a successful outing, Val was out there attaching the new filter and dealing with the drip again, when another couple stopped to chat. Then some more folks meandered by and joined in the conversation. Before we knew it, most of the day had passed and we'd hardly done anything -- but we'd had a lovely time doing it!

It has been breezy and fresh again today, and delightfully cool overnight, promising another peaceful sleep in our little home on wheels.

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