Friday, March 22, 2019

No fixed address

Dunedin, FL -- We got mobile again today. Our rental time at our temporary spot ran out at 11 o'clock this morning, so we disconnected, battened down the hatches and set off to run a few errands to take advantage of our freedom. It was reassuring to see how few things we had to do compared to the setting-out routines from our previous motorhome and fifth wheel. With them, there were so many important steps to take, which if forgotten could have dire consequences, that we wrote up a checklist and had it laminated. So, just before pulling away from a site, we'd go through each item like a pilot before take-off! You never saw us peeling down the highway with a hose dragging behind or an awning flapping in the breeze!

The grocery store we picked just happened to be in a mall with a hairdresser I'd used before, so after stowing our purchases, I left Val to make himself some lunch while I trotted off to get a haircut. Lucky me: Cheryl led me to a barber chair immediately and I was nicely shorn in no time!

It was too nice a day to spend entirely on chores, so we decided to visit the beach at Honeymoon Island State Park for a stroll in the sunshine. This lovely expanse of powdery sand is beautifully unspoiled, and we could feel all our knots coming loose as the foaming surf curled around our toes and the breeze ruffled our hair. It was delightful to see little kids with their plastic pails and shovels, bright umbrellas planted in the sand and kites flying overhead. As we walked along, tiny sandpipers and plovers scampered out of our way and gulls screeched overhead. What a treat.

When we returned to the RV park, we had a new temporary spot at Val's brother John and Fawn's site, where we squeezed in next to their car for the next couple of nights. On Sunday we'll move again to Anna's site, after she and Doug vacate it to return to Canada. She kindly sublet the space to us for the duration of our stay.

Anna had a little gathering on her site to bid farewell to her RV park friends and neighbours, so we got a chance to meet some of the ones we hadn't met before, and to let them get to know who their new site occupants would be. I'm looking forward to the shady spot we'll have for sitting outside.

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