Monday, September 3, 2007

The Zanin 2007 Alaska trek catalogue

Just for fun, we thought it would be interesting to categorize some aspects of our holiday. Hope you enjoy this list!

Wildlife seen
bison, deer, antelope, moose, fox, badger, elk, skunk, coyote, caribou, black bear, grizzly bear, brown bear, bald eagle, golden eagle, magpie, wild turkey, dall sheep, mountain goat, reindeer, muskox, wolf, polar bear, walrus, sea lion, sea otter, seals, hump back whale, porpoise, salmon, halibut, rabbit, weasel, squirrel, chipmunk, Canada geese, ducks, heron, pelican, raven, hawk, pike, lake trout, grayling, dogfish shark, skate, owl, porcupine, ptarmigan, black and blue jay, butterflies
Domesticated animals
bison, reindeer, muskox, longhorn cow, llama, sheep, horses, cattle, pigs
Land formations
prairie, mountain, butte, cliff, pingo, volcano, glacier, river, stream, creek, waterfall, hill, valley, precipice, peninsula, island, fjord, spit, canyon, iceberg, beach, hoodoos, lake, pond, ocean, hot spring, foothills, desert, marsh, tundra, bog, permafrost, braided rivers, tunnels, rapids
cabbage size of basketballs, Queen Anne’s lace nine feet tall, acres of fireweed, redwoods, moss dripping from pine trees, dozens of wildflower species, black spruce hundreds of years old, pine trees gone rusty from mountain pine beetle, tumbleweed, sagebrush, aloe, banana plant, BC fir trees, orchids
Modes of transportation
truck, car, train, airplane, deep sea fishing boat, rubber raft, air tram, ferry, horse cart, bus, sternwheeler, motorboat
Provinces / Territories / States visited
Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming
Landmarks visited
Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument, Corn Palace, Red Onion Saloon and brothel, White Pass, Kicking Horse Pass, Crow’s Nest Pass, Arctic Circle, Bonanza Creek Discovery Claim #1, Mississippi River headwater, Denali Park, Mount McKinley, Loonie near Sudbury, Robert Service’s cabin, Jack London’s cabin, Pierre Berton’s house, Miles Canyon, Lake Laberge, Yukon River, Klondike River, McKenzie River, Mississippi River, Fraser River, Beaufort Sea, Sault Ste. Marie Locks, Worthington Glacier, Meares Glacier, Exit Glacier, Salmon Glacier, Columbia Glacier, Mile Zero of Alaska Highway, Alaska Highway end point at Delta Junction, Dempster Highway, Top of the World Highway, Highway of Tears, Alaska Zoo, Homer Spit, Continental divide in the Yukon, Hell’sGate Canyon, Fort Steele, Minter Gardens, Burial site of the Lost Patrol, petrified dinosaur at Malta, MA
Unusual meals/ food
cinnamon buns from Braeburn, Alaska King Crab legs, reindeer sausage, caribou stew, buffalo/ bison burger, mile high raspberry soft ice cream cone, blackberry pie, arctic char, fresh-caught Copper River sockeye salmon, fresh-caught halibut
Unusual activities
rafting Nenana rapids, halibut fishing, watching a glacier calve, seeing a smoking volcano, air tram across the Fraser Canyon, panning for gold in Hunker Creek, 24-hour daylight, dipping hands in the Beaufort Sea, standing under the Alaska pipeline, crossing the Arctic Circle, flying in a small plane to Tuktoyaktuk, watching whales, catching pike on Little Atlin Lake, watching bison graze across the highway, watching grizzlies fish for salmon, feeding reindeer from our hands, touring a brothel in Skagway, watching a grizzly graze on the tundra, picking buckets full of blackberries, watching cancan dancers at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s, cruising on a sternwheeler in Fairbanks, petting sled dogs from the Iditarod race, visiting a muskox farm, standing on the marge of Lake Laberge, meeting the granddaughter of Commr Nicholson, visiting an underground goldmine in Fairbanks, touching a mammoth tusk

That's it! Till next time! Au revoir!