Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Happy trails

Ottawa, ON -- We are home! It was a short drive today from Mexico, so we pulled in just before lunch and found the place freshly cleaned and oh! so spacious!

The decision about whether or not to winterize (see yesterday's entry) was more or less made for us this morning. We awoke to the steady drum of raindrops on the roof, and, considering the sea of mud that surrounded the RV, we decided to skip it. We didn't even stop to have breakfast, opting instead to stop by a nearby McDonald's for a take-out Egg McMuffin to eat as we drove. Were we anxious to get home?
In no time, we'd passed through Watertown and saw the last bridge over the Thousand Islands into Canada. The view of the St Lawrence River from the top was terrific, as by this time the rain had stopped and the sun had come out. The water looked pretty high, which was not surprising to us as we'd heard a lot about the flooding in the area after heavy rains.

Next, we were changing the settings on the RV from miles to kilometres and eagerly passing the familiar landmarks along the 401 toward Ottawa. As expected, the signs of spring were not as far along as we'd seen in the states to the south, but I did glimpse a few clumps of trilliums in the bush, and I was delighted to see hyacinths in bloom in our front garden.

The remainder of the day was devoted to carting all the 'stuff' from the RV into the house, a lot of which still needs to be stowed in its proper place. In the days ahead, we will reflect on all the interesting places we've seen, the fine people we've met, and the adventures we've had. It is so good to be RVers again! Stay tuned for the next chapter, whenever that comes about. And thanks for following along with us this time around.

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